The Good, The Bad And The CAT: CAT 2016 Analysis

CAT 2016 has seen the highest number of registrations in the past 7 years. With a happy sign: number of female candidates rising up as compared to the last year.

CAT 16 tested students on Speed, Logic and Analytical skills, Though Number of students increased this time to 2.3 Lakhs, a sincere student with well-rounded preparation across three sections would make their way to the IIMs. CAT tested students on their actual knowledge instead of mere guesswork.

It was an exam with a twist, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section was really difficult and time-consuming. Also, the marking scheme saw a major twist 1 Mark for the correct answers as compared to the always 3 marks per correct answer. But this would not affect the overall criteria for a student selection in IIMs.

Negative marking existed for the Multiple choice questions; 1/3rd ie: 0.33 negative marks. Type in The answer Questions didn’t have any negative marking similar to the CAT 2015.

Sectional Insights:

Verbal AbilityThe RCs were not too lengthy, informative and based on education and languages. The key lied in identifying the factual questions to boost your scores. Of all the sections this was the easiest of the 3.

Logical Reasoning and Data InterpretationThis section was meant to truly test your analytical skills with no questions from the usual type of Data interpretation ie: No graphs, pie charts they were all Word Problems again adapting to the GMAT style as always told by Rahul Sir that slowly CAT would be aligned to GMAT by adopting the style and essence.

Quantitative AbilityThe paper was dominated by Geometry Questions and algebra based questions where in we did have a couple of questions based on Modern Maths.

Keeping both slots in focus a 99%ile would be an Ideal Attempts 75+ with 90% accuracy

Overall a happy day for students who know their basics and have preached their books with building conceptual clarity and like I always say “Success comes to those who work for it. Keep working hard and you will see the results !”


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